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Hi Guys,
I recently joined the fold and picked up an 08 Nighthawk black CRTGT. It's got around 109,500 miles on it and after two months of driving i can, with reasonable confidence, say that everything seems to feel well with it. Even with me being the 7TH! keeper it seems that it has been taken good care of, despite the service history being very spotty it had a years MOT and the price was too good to turn down. Ive already arrived at a destination to find i was missing a wheelarch protector so after 50 quid for a replacement that's the first lesson learned and i will be slowing down over the speedbumps. Of course i have many questions but i will create a thread for the car at some point. As for mods and all that business i like to keep cars looking pretty original but obviously i've already treated myself to some Heko's. My first priority is giving it a good service and making sure everything is ship shape. Funds are the biggest issue as i don't earn a great deal but i'm just going to do bits and bobs where i can and hopefully nothing catastrophic will occur. I have had the ODB2 on it and it and it gave me the code - P0219 engine overspeed warning so my first question to bother you guys with would be what would be the cause? but i'll bother you with that one when i create a thread.

That's about it for now, i look for to getting to know you all better!

Kind Regards, Olly
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