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Firstly, welcome!

There's a lot of stuff here, so here's a little guide for newcomers.


OK, the boring bit. The full rules are here, but in essence you must be polite, and use English (not txt spk).

Have a look round:

To find something, get searching instructions here: http://www.civinfo.com/forum/basic-tutorials/35718-how-search-forum.html

The main action is in the forums. You can search using the Search function on the upper blue bar. If you can't find what you're looking for or need to search for 3, 2 or 1 letter words then try the Google option.

There is also the wiki. This is like an FAQ or knowledge base that is maintained by the users of the forum. The idea is that if you wade through a thread and find an answer to a question, you can write a very brief summary in the wiki for all to use as a FAQ. Please do not be scared when it comes to editing the wiki - a copy of the previous version of the page is saved and if your edit looks a mess then someone else will come along and pretty it up for you.

Finally, use the "thread prefixes". In most of the forum there's a "Show only the following". Try selecting something and pressing "Show" - now only the threads relating to that subject are shown.

Getting your options sorted:

On the left of the blue bar at the top, you will see "User CP". This is where you can set your options - I would suggest at the very least adding your location and a little country flag and select an avatar (little picture that appears by your name). There are plenty already there to choose from, including ones that portray your exact car model and colour.

You can also change the way the forum looks, by choosing a style from the bottom left of any page.


If you're not sure how to post, have a look at the tutorials here. Do make sure that someone else hasn't already started a thread on the same subject (do a search), and if you are starting a thread please do it in the correct forum! The tutorials include a demo on how to post pictures.


Hopefully the forum will be useful and enjoyable. Please remain polite, and if you have a spare 6 minutes (and own a current Civic) then you could fill in our Satisfaction Survey.
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