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I am Gary. I bought a second hand 07 plate diesel Civic EX back in May last year. I have been meaning to introduce myself for a while after all, i come on here a lot to search out advice..... I found the site through a sticker in my rear window so i assume the previous owner is on here somewhere?

Anyway, love my car. The 9 year old calls it the spaceship!

I have swapped my 18" Altimos for normal 16" alloys, comfier ride... I must be getting old! ha Fitted a XCARLINK which i love.

A few mods i am toying with are....
1) Automatic mirrors up and down on locking / unlocking.
2) DVD / TV connect to the display.

I am a little unsure abut both of these though and do not know if i could do the 2nd with having the XCARLINK or where the sound goes.... Also my drivers wingmirror needs a little manual encouragement to go up and down so the 1st one would be pointless untill that is fixed.

Any way, thanks for all the advice everyone puts on here and Hello!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts