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Hi all,

First time posting here, looking for some friendly advice!

I started up my 2010 Civic (2.2 diesel EX) yesterday to find that the dashboard controls for the AC had stopped working altogether. AC button, temperature controls etc, everything related to climate control. Additionally, I had no power to my mirrors.

Prior to this there had been absolutely no indication that there was something awry - no strange fan noises, no issues with achieving the correct temperature.

My initial thought was that the associated fuse had blown. Some digging through the car's manual led me to Fuse #36 within the interior fuse box, which is listed as 'IG2 HAC'. This is a 10A micro-blade fuse.

I removed it and inspected it, and I could see clearly that the fuse had blown. A quick trip to Halfords following to get some replacements. I installed the replacement fuse, turned the engine on, but to my disappointment the controls were still not functional. I removed the new fuse only to find that it had also blown.

I should note that my wing mirror (driver-side) did get knocked about 6 months ago but has continued to rotate/fold in and out ok (albeit slightly misaligned), with the 4-way adjusters also working fine.

I'm now at a point where I'd like some advice on what to try next before heading to a garage for a (likely) expensive repair. Can anybody help me with the following?:

  • Are there any schematics available of the associated wiring that I could use to perform some further diagnostics myself?
  • Are there any other fuses (any any other components for that matter) that I should check?
  • Might I have a short somewhere related to the wing mirror? How easily can I check the wiring to the mirror?
  • Is there any relationship with the temperature sensors for the AC? Might the hot weather have caused an issue leading to fuse 36 blowing continuously?
Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to :civinfo:

Sorry to hear that you have issues and it sounds like you need to do more digging into what is blowing the fuse. Try disconnecting components on that feed and rechecking the fuse.

Digging into the mirror and check all the connections wouldn't hurt either.

Has your AC ever worked?

Is your 12v battery in good condition with a solid ground? Modern car electrics rely on a solid electrical system, if it isn't then you can all sorts of weird voodoo going on.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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