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I have a 2005 Civic 1.6. A few months ago I noticed the heat wasnt working. I pulled into mcdonalds it was working but it started blowing cold while in the drive through. After I got back on the highway it started blowing warm again. I thought it was the thermostat but then I noticed the coolant was low. I filled it up and it was warm again. 3 days ago I felt the cold air blowing again but 2 minutes later I noticed the heat gauge in the red and I immediately pulled over and shut off the engine.
The next day I noticed white smoke from exhaust and bubbles in overflow tank. I changed the thermostat but the lower hose that goes to the thermostat was and stays cold. I then added rislone head gasket sealer(I know I know) and as I was heating the engine up with the radiator cap "off due to exhaust pressure from filler cap" I removed the thermostat housing bolts and it was still dry and it remained that way the whole time I heated the engine. I then felt the heater core hoses and they were cold. I then removed both of them and no fluid escaped. I then ran water into the heater core alternating top to bottom and it ran through the core fine both ways and the hot cold **** in the car moved the heater control valve on the heater core hose.
So the only hot hose is the radiator hose not running to the thermostat.
There are no leaks anywhere under the car and no funny noise from water pump area. After adding head sealer chemicals the white smoke from exhaust disappeared and my engine went from extremely rough running to very smooth/normal running. It seems like some exhaust might still be coming from the radiator. I hope if I can get the water pumping properly through the system the head sealer will help keep me on the road for the short term.
So now there is only cold air blowing in the car. The radiator looks clean inside and it fills fine and drains from the petcock fine. Just for some reason water will not flow into the thermostat housingand will not flow into the hoses that connect to the heater core. I let the car get close to the red with both thermostat housing hanging free and heater core hoses hanging free and not a drop came out. However when it got really hot you could see some exhaust gases start to come out of the engine via the thermostat housing but not a drop of liquid. Any ideas?

Also my passenger side radiatorfan does ot work. I started the car and turned on the a/c. The drivers fan started. I heated the car and passenger fan never started. I unplugged drivers fan and plugged the connection into the passenger fan with the a/c on and then the passenger fan worked.
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