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Newbie posting, hopefully in the right area ;)

Just bought an 06 Civic EX semi-auto, am in love with it already.

The only niggle I have is that the ceiling lights, map spotlights, boot light do not work.

I've just taken it in for a quick check at my local Honda dealership and they couldn't find any fault with the fuses or bulbs (although I think they just checked the boot bulb). They think that something else is causing the problem and potentially need to spend a lot more time tracking the cause of the problem.

Obviously I accept their diagnosis but just wanted to post here just in case anyone has exerienced anything similar.

My car has a light sensor which is linked to the auto headlights - but as far as I'm aware this isnt linked to the interior lights?

Everything else looks fine, blue courtesy light, glovebox, illuminated controls etc etc

Not a big problem, but would be nice to fix without spending a lot of time and cash on...

Any help would be greatfully received.

Many Thanks,

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Interior fuse box (petrol)

1. Power window
2. Fuel pump
3. IG1 ACG
4. ABS unit
5. Heated seats
6. Front fog lights
7. Daytime running lights
8. IG1 start
9. ODS
10. Meter
11. SRS
12. Right headlight high beam
13. Left headlight high beam
14. Small lights (Interior)
15. Small lights (Exterior)
16. Right headlight low beam
17. Left headlight low beam
18. Headlight high beam main
19. Small lights main
20. Rear fog light
21. Headlight low beam main
22. Shifter
23. Start signal
24. Sunshades
25. Door lock
26. Driver's power window
28. Rear accessory socket
29. Accessory
30. Front passenger's power window
31. Headlight washer
32. Rear right power window
33. Rear left power window
35. Accessory/radio
36. IG2 HAC
37. Daytime light
38. Front wiper

My guess would be to check fuses 14 and 19 but it might be worth checking all of them.

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On my car the main interior light fuse is in the main fusebox in the engine bay.

On civics it is a 7.5Amp fuse that is brown.

I know this as i blew mine 2 times when reconnecting the boot light.

If honda can't find a fault and you have no lights they are idiots.
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