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Hi all,

New to this forum and quite a new honda owner so a big hello to fellow enthusiasts.

I have a 2003 Honda Civic Type R and I have a few electronic issues. I can only get the heaters to blow out by the windcreen, if i change the dial to come out by my feet nothing happens and it continues to blow out by the windcreens, although at a lower flow rate. Maybe the servo that moves the internal flaps is broken? or maybe the controller/switch?

Also the rear screen de mister does not work, when I press the button nothing happens, I dont even have an led light up, i also have no led light on the air recirculator button when I press that. As if the buttons are getting power.

So its as if the two lower buttons on the central console do not work and neither does the heater direction control. All other electronic devices work as they should.

hope some one can point me in the direction? I have checked fuses briefly but need to check all again.

many thanks in advance!
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