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Some months ago the speakers on the drivers side of the car stopped working but occasionally came back over a large pothole for a short while so assumed a loose connection with front drivers speaker.

However, since checking it is both the front and rear drivers speakers.

Anyway, there is an amp in the boot (Alpine PMX-F640) and on measuring the voltage (AC) when playing music there is voltage out of the amp to feed the LHS speakers but not the RHS speakers.

There are also 2 25Amp fuses in the AMP but they are stuck in there and I suspect they will break when I remove them! Despite googling I cannot find exactly what these 2 fuses feed but the fact the sound comes and goes very occasionally it is unlikely to be the fuse!

Consequently, I suspect the amp has failed on the RHS so was going to swap the speakers over and check and hope there is no short and blow the amp completely.

Before I do that has anyone got a better suggestion to help diagnose the fault - I don't have a spare amp!

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