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Since the cold snap last weekend, I have a nocking noise comming from my rear spoiler?

Can hear it when accelerating and breaking sounds a bit like a loose bulb rattling around in a back light?

But if I open the boot you can here the sound, also if you wiggle the spoiler (Passenger side?)

Anybody else had this problem?

Regards :confused:

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It will be ice in the spoiler :(

Which also means it's full of water no doubt, mine was (sorted in october ish)
And a few other members have noticed it with the cold weather!

Just take a 2mm drill bit to both 'points' of the spoiler, the lowest points, preferably tucked closely to the plexi screen!

This will let any water out, and any that gets in will be able to escape :)

Mine was draining for literally minutes... with a constant flow! must have been FULL...
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