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I'm pleased to say that my a/c does work - it's a god send at the moment.

However, the blower fan is quite noisy, and I've also noticed that it doesn't give quite as much air as I remember. It seems to change speed as you go around corners as well, i.e. it seems to sometimes speed up when you go around a corner, which is a bit weird.

Leaving work today, with an interior you could cook eggs on, the fan did not come on at all for a few minutes - not the usual thing where it comes on a bit and then properly kicks in after 30 seconds or so - just nothing at all for the first few minutes. Once it came on it was on, and it got the car cool, so I can't complain, but I did have the weird 'fan speeds up on roundabouts' thing going on. I went out in the car again later and it did the same thing - nothing at all for a few minutes and then came on. Temperature outside was about 30 degrees, if that might have a bearing? I took the car to France four years ago and it was hotter there and it never did this, so I don't think that's the issue, but the car was 4 years younger then I guess.

I replaced the pollen filter tonight. The old one was grey, but not horrific. No bits of leaf or twigs or anything! It is a couple of years old though I think - the plastic clip that holds the cover on has snapped so changing it involves Duck Tape and messing about, so I've not done it as often as I should. The fan came on straight away when I started the car but there didn't seem to be that much more air flow. I'll assess it more driving to work tomorrow.

Couple of questions - I'm thinking maybe the blower motor is beginning to fail? Changing it looks problematic becuause 1) you have to remove the clutch pedal and 2) you can't get a new fan anymore, so anything I fit might be almost as worn as mine.

Has anyone had any luck with repairing a blower or replacing the bushes, or buying a reconditioned one? Removing the clutch pedal is probably beyond my skills, especially as I don't have a drive to work on, so I'm loathed to pay the garage to do it to fit a motor that might be barely better than mine.

Of course it might not be the motor - any other thoughts appreciated.

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