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Hi all,

Just thought I'd post my problem here - just incase, I've also posted to a Nokia forum.

Got a Civic ES ('06) with the optional Bluetooth (NOT SatNav/HFT) - the one that is mounted on the driver A-pillar, been working fine for past 3.5 yrs with a Motorola Pebl.

Got a new Nokia 6600i Slide as the Moto was giving up the ghost. Pairs fine, and relays the keypresses and even plays music through the speakers. However when trying to initiate a call - press top button (via Voice recog) all I get back is 10 beeps! - through the speakers!

Anyone had this before? Really need to bluetooth working - spend far too many hours a day in the car!

Hopefully I can find a solution - don't really want to go back to the Moto while I find a new phone which works!


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