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Number Plate Picture Request!

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Hi guys,

Basically I have a private reg on a bike I am looking at selling and it means a lot to me so was going to transfer it to the car.

It is currently a square plate on the back of the bike (obviously) but I wondered if anyone had any pictures of a civic with a square plate front and back?

I have found one close to it online:

Any help much appreciated!
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cant you just buy a normal plate from say halfords?
A bike one will be the wrong size for a car, if its a legal bike plate it will be 9 x 7, a square car one is 11 x 8
Can't you just buy a stock plate from halfords after transferring the reg to your car?
Probably be cheaper then buying a mount etc etc?
Or is it the physical piece of plastic you've got an attachment to? - which I can fully understand, btw:)
Haha I didnt make it clear, the reg number makes no sense/means nothing when in the rectangle shape (1 line) but does when split in the square type (2 Lines) like on the back of bikes or land rovers...

Basically I want to see if the square car plate will look daft/out of place on the front and back of the civic so I know whether to transfer it or just keep it on retention for now...

Thanks for the quick replies though!
That makes more sense!
it does make sense lol lol the plate must read differant as it would appear on a bike rather than a long car type plate
haven't really seen anyone with square plates just found these pics.


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Think you may get attention from the "law" having a bike plate on a car.
Think you may get attention from the "law" having a bike plate on a car.
He surely would. Not worth the hassle mate.
A number plate on a bike? The amount of drag you'd get from that is madness! :worms:
And on a car it's going to get you in trouble at some point.:police:
Nah he means he wants to put his bike reg that he has on a small square number plate and transfer it to a larger square number plate that you can have/use on a car.Some taxis here use them along with there taxi number side by side on the back.
Exactly that burgerking1972!!!

gp_kho they look good looks wise thank you very much I think I might do it :)

About to say never had any problems with the law on any of my jeeps in the past with these :)

johnnyrocket haha the number plate is the least of my worries, my 6ft 3 - 18 stone stone frame on a streetfightered Honda Hornet it aint the most aerodynamic setup ;)
haven't really seen anyone with square plates just found these pics.
I really like the look of those, hoping to do that to mine, but I think the original garage who sold the car drilled 2 holes for each of the normal number plates right at the end of each which will mean if I changed the plates there will be 4 holes :(
Thats what I wanted to see atomic
Looks great, I will be doing this, thanks for all the help guys :)
you will probably need to get the bumper smoothed if you want to put it where he has as there is 2 holes in the centre of the bumper when you move the plate to either side.

Im not sure if a square plate would be wide enough to cover these 2 holes in the middle. Id take your current plate off and measure the gap between the holes to see if the square plate will cover them up.
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cheers tombomb I will probably have it centered and will find a way of covering the holes up/smoothing them out if they are outside of the dimensions of the plate :)
Bike plate letter spacing and sizing is illegal on cars.

The DVLA now specify the spacing and size of the lettering allowed, even the size of the space between groups of letters and the size between vertical rows and margins:

That said, a square plate may be allowed if it complies with the spacing regs, you'd have to check as I simply don't know.

Displaying your registration number : Directgov - Motoring

Replacing your number plate

When replacing your number plate you should make sure that the correct material has been used to manufacture the plate. It should be made from a reflective material. Front number plates must display black characters on a white background and rear number plate must display black characters on a yellow background.
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is not aware of any self-adhesive number plates that meet the British Standard requirements.
Characters on a number plate can be 3D, providing they meet all the other requirements, but honeycomb or other background patterns are not allowed.
Also, the characters on a number plate need to be a standard height and width.
Your number plate should show the correct:

  • character height - 79 millimetres
  • character width - 50 millimetres (except the figure 1 or letter I)
  • character stroke - 14 millimetres
  • space between characters - 11 millimetres
  • space between groups - 33 millimetres
  • top, bottom and side margins - minimum 11 millimetres
  • space between vertical lines - 19 millimetres

Motorcycles and tricycles
Motorcycles registered from 1 September 2001 must only display a number plate at the rear of the vehicle.
Motorcycles registered before 1 September 2001 can display a number plate at the front, but do not have to. The number plate must be a 'two-line' number plate.
Motorcycle number plates should have a:

  • character height - 64 millimetres
  • character width - 44 millimetres (except the figure 1 or letter I)
  • character stroke - 10 millimetres
  • space between characters - 10 millimetres
  • space between groups - 30 millimetres
  • top, bottom and side margins - 11 millimetres (minimum)
  • vertical space between groups - 13 millimetres
Hi Alsone, thanks but I am not trying to simply put bike plates onto my car. I was purely trying to see if square plates which I know I can have road legal ones made for the car looked good or bad on the front of the civic.
Thanks for all your input guys.
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