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Hi Guys,

I would like apologies in advance if i do ask any stupid questions. i currently have a T Reg (1999) Honda Civic 1.6 Coupe Auto

The Engine light on my car has been on for some time. when running a diagnostic test it picks up error code P1035 heater circuit bank 1 sensor 1. The first time this had come on my Mechanic had replaced the O2 sensor in the front of the car next to the Manifold. i had then cleared the error code in ignition mode by using the odb reader which i brought from ebay and started the car and the engine light didn't come back at first but the it had come back after the 3rd time i had started the car. Please note this was a Bosh O2 sensor which was ordered by my mechanic from eurocarparts.com. i cleared it again and the engine light came on again after restarting the car the 2nd to 3rd time.

i then changed the O2 sensor again with MTE Thomson Lambda Sensor (Front) brought from carparts4less and cleared the code in ignition but this time as soon as i started the car the light came on within 10-15sec. this time i took it to another mechanic and they did a scan with a proper diagnostic machine and was getting the same error code. i was advised to change the bank 2 sensor aswell which i have done. this sensor was a second hand one with a 4months guarantee which was brought from Car Parts Direct From Breakeryard | Buy Used Car Spares & Auto Parts. I am stlll having the same issue.

could it be that it is still the sensor in bank one which isn't working as it isn't the OEM sensor. Reason for saying this is because i am seeing two different results on the sensor in bank one.

Any help will be appreciated.
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