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Hi everyone.

I purchased a 2008 Type R today but i'm a little bit (well a lot!) annoyed as the dealership i bought from weren't honest.. but that's nothing new i guess :mad:

1. They dealership (not a Honda dealership) had their own service center so did a full MOT for me, i didn't bother checking the test certificate until i got home. It has 2 advisory's: 1) under car cover not allowed all components under car to be checked. 2) engine cover not allowed all engine components to be checked.

My first thought is that these are excuses to cover known issues.

2. The car drove fine on the motor way home. However after having to beep at someone who cut me up i started to hear clicking noises when turning the wheel whilst the indicator was on. Every couple of inches that the wheel is turned whilst the indicator stork is active there is a "click" noise. It's similar to the auto-cancel indicator click noise, but not as distinct.

I'm hoping this isn't a steering rack issue :confused:

3. Both front windows seem to have issues. Stupidly i forgot to check the windows before i purchased. When either of the front windows go down the door panel pushes out very slightly at the top and then goes back in when the windows are back up.

Also, the passenger window squeaks and is very slow at going both up and down, it seems to be struggling.

Does anyone have any advice on these issues?

Thanks [smilie=sadlook.gif]

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