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Hey all,

I am an old member that has returned to the site.

I have had this car coming upto 3 years now after unfortunately writing off my old one a few years ago.

when I bought this it was completely standard not even 1 sticker on the poor thing.

In the first year I did the usual mods:
Type R spoiler
Mugen grille
jap licence plates
Type R front seats
Seeker wing

after doing this I did have a few ideas what I wanted to do in mine I just had to wait.

in the past year I have done a lot more

current mod list:

Mugen wing
Mugen rear valance
Mugen grille
GP front Splitter
Type R alloy with custom Splatter paint work
Tegwia fog scoops
Tegwia front canards
45mm eibech lowering springs
Delat styling wing extention (first one made)
USDM front light conversion
tints all round
Front lights tinted
Quick release front bumper
FibreWorxs Licence plate delete bumper intake (ep3 style made to fit)
Stage 1 remap by Celtic tuning
Double din radio
Custom straight through exhaust Cat back
and a few little bits.

what do you all think?
I do know that it will not be to everyones taste but it is mine

this is my Tangerine turd hope to meet and chat with some of you :grin2::grin2:


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the smoke for the gender reveal we did a couple weeks ago the other half wanted the car to have a part in it and then we did a little photo shoot afterwards
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