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2006 Civic 1.8 Sport (Milano Red, 17" rims, fog lights)

It has been one year, since the car was purchased :)
Car has been driven 24000km.

Here are some pictures:


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Nice pictures

Antil -

I normally ignore gallery because I have a Civic too and it looks pretty much like every other one I've ever seen here.

However, very well done for these pictures. I think your choice of backdrop is inspired and the lighting on some of the shots is, whether intentionally or not, moody and very effective.

Here's a thought: maybe the tired and jaundiced among us should ask the moderators to start an alt.gallery on the site: the aim being to get people to post cool photographs in which it's a real challenge to spot a Civic. Then I might visit here more often.

With kind regards from a very warm and sunny Hungerford.

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