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folks: was / am debating trading in my 57 Type R GT for a 09 model. Hve done little bits to it such as HIDS, LED sides, Heko's it has rages, tints, side decals etc. Having got a few words of wisdom am thinking maybe save a few quid and do some mods... big question is what.. I know there will be different opinions but looking for suggestions.

Im thinking IF go this way then FRS AND Eibachs, possibly a double din. Not sure about flashpro... any other suggestions? prices or suppliers would be handy as well or a sensible budget?

be gentle with me!!
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flashpro with tegi mani and custom 3" exhaust, teins are 5mm lower than eibachs on the rear and i think it looks better
Start off with suspension and frs. Then work from there. Could then go for intake and exhaust and could then move on from there
Tein springs, FRSU, sell the rages for some nice lightweight alloys, job done. Will feel like a new car.
frs and lowering springs then brakes and exhuast.:eek:
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