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Hi guys

Was driving down the M4, was sitting in 4th gear as traffic was slow, as it cleared hit the throttle, went into the vtec then engine management light come on and lost vtec. Got it home, put on an OBD reader and got error P2646. Was pretty sure oil was OK as it was serviced 6 months ago and have only done maybe 1000 - 1500 miles since but checked the oil anyway and all good. Got a mechanic friend to look at it (checking oil is about as mechanical as I get lol) and he agreed, he checked oil pressure and all looked good. Agreed to clear the error and if it came back to change the oil pressure switch. So cleared the error, took the car for a drive, firstly just a standard drive with no vtec and no issues then into the vtec. All fine now issues, error didn't come back up, no power issues etc.

Just wanted to run it by people who live and breathe type-r's. Anyone experienced this before?

I don't hit the vtec that often as I only have a short drive to work so tend to keep the revs low as I know hitting the vtec when cold isn't good for the car. Could this itself be an issue, should I be hitting the vtec more often? I have seen posts elsewhere where people have said such. Would give me the perfect excuse to give the missus to get out in the car for a couple of hours on the weekend :wink3:

I am thinking of just replacing the part just to be sure. Finding the part for a decent price is proving difficult, american/European sites are selling it for as little as £20 but the only UK part I can find (on eBay) is £70. Anyone know where I can get one? My local Honda garage is over 20 miles away (haven't rang them yet) and can't get there until the weekend so ideally would like something delivered so I can get it replaced this week.

Any help is appreciated.

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