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So I changed the rear pads on my Civic last weekend. A job I've done many times before on my old Civic but first on my new one. As I put it all back together I noticed the OS wheel was dragging slightly. The NS wheel wasn't dragging so I figured it was possibly just the handbrake needing a bit of adjustment so, as the light was fading and I was tired, I left it until today to tackle.

I noticed over the course of the week the OSR brake was running hotter than the rest but not too hot to touch (unlike in my old Civic when the caliper ceased solid and I boiled through a set of discs and pads in about a week! lol)

So back out on the driveway today to have a go at handbrake adjustment - eventually figured out where the adjustment mechanism was... Behind the rear panel of the centre console if anyone's interested. Google didn't really seem to know where it was but by process of elimination I found it :grin2:
After a bit of poking and prodding I decided the handbrake was fine and clicking on full at about 4-6 clicks.

A touch confused at the dragging brake still, I rang my cousin who works for Honda. He pretty much said 'did you align the little nipple on the back of the pad with the recess on the piston?' Pants! No I didn't. So off come the wheels again, out come the pads again and wouldn't you know it there's the nipple squashed up against the piston right where it shouldn't be!

Ok so problem solved... better check the other side... same story. A quick twist of the piston and away we go :smile3: problem solved, lesson learned and I learned how to adjust the handbrake. Just goes to show even though I'm quite well versed in pad/disc maintenance it is still easy to overlook simple details if you rush things. What a plum!:facepalm2:

And as an apology I gave my car a nice wash and wax and filled it with BP ultimate lol :grin2:
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