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Hi all
Having some issues with my front parking sensors recently. They randomly go off when at slow speeds. Like in traffic or pulling off drive. It shows up front centre flashes an bleeps a few times then goes off then May or may not come on again etc.
I'd like so say it's more likely to do it when pointing down hill but that might be my imagination or coincidence.
I noticed it first when pulling off my drive which is a downward slope and it seemed to pick up the road or curb opposite and it seems to go off every time in this situation.

When I'm in a traffic queue it's like it's over sensitive picking up the car in from from a greater distance than it should.

Can't even tell which of the 2 front centre sensor it is and when parking the seem to both work fine.

Anybody have any ideas? Or solutions?
Is it possible to remove them without removing bumper?

If it's a faulty unit is it worth getting one of the cheap £30 remanufactured replacements from ebay or dealer only which seems an eye watering high price :-0

The car is 6 years old but I only bought it 6 months ago from a dealer and took out the extended warranty is it likely to cover them?


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