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I really want to get an iPod connect in my civic, and there are a few options to consider, I think.
Ideally, I'd want an iPod connect and a Bluetooth connectivity.
So, so far I'm looking at the xcarlink, for £78.25 plus £40.68, making £118.93 and I don't know about the p+p, also I would need someone to fit it, as I'm not very good at the whole... DIY thing.

Then there's the parrot 9100 for about £200 fitted from halfords...

I'd mainly be using it fr iPod audio, my brother has a parrot which seems to work really well with iPod...

What's the xcarlink like with iPod? - does it have any big drawbacks I need to know? I've searched, but no luck really...
Also, how does the Bluetooth work with it?
I know the drawbacks to the parrot, and unless the xcarlink has some major ones, I think I'd go for the xcarlink due to both the price difference, and the fact it still uses the original controls...

Which do you think I should go for?
I'm well aware no one will have both...

Cheers! And thanks a million.
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