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Well I've owned the car for over one and a half year and not set up my own project thread.

I bought the car on Saturday 29th January 2011 from a Vauxhall dealer in Peterborough as the one original owner decided to trade it in for an Astra VXR :facepalm: (his loss).

The day I brought her home:

The day I bring her home the other half asks "so what are you going to do to this one then?" and I reply with "ah, nothing really it shouldn't need anything doing to it." :facepalm: Oops, how wrong I was...

List of modifcations to date:

- Parrot bluetooth kit
- Full sound deadening insulation
- Skunk2 gearknob
- Mugen short shifter ** Now added the Japspeed short shifting kit to the Mugen shifter
- BlackVue video camera (runs off ignition and records on a loop)
- Custom red footwell lighting front and rear (runs off interior light)

- Tinted windows (rear 3)
- Rear amber indicator bulbs changed for chromed ones
- JP's LED sidelights, 6000k headlight bulbs, 25 LED reversing bulbs and LED number plate lights
- Honda's GP front splitter
- Team Heko wind deflectors
- Mugen rear splitter
- Mugen rear wing
- Mugen front grill
- Wayne's black tinted foglight covers
- Mugen resi bands --- To be fitted soon
- Mugen oil filler cap in silver ----- To be fitted soon
- Carbon dipped slam panel and intake cover ---- To be fitted soon

Suspension & Braking
- Do-Luck braided brake lines (6 lines)
- Motul RBF600 brake fluid
- Powerslot 348mm front discs & Cosworth StreetMaster pads
- Bilstein B14 Coilovers 20mm front and rear
- Eibach front camber bolts, rear shims and ABP's FRS
- Eibach 15mm spacers front and rear
- Whiteline heavy duty adjustable front drop links
- Filled engine mounts

- Custom "Parsco's" grounding kit
- Driven Crazy Scoop'in
- Hondata Flashpro
- HKS RSK & Tom's custom heat shield --- To be fitted
- Custom E-Tune by Formula R Motorsport --- To be adjusted after fitting RSK

I think that's about covered it. Some plans for the future:

- Powder coat alloys gold/bronze/copper ??
- Mugen fenders
- Carbon fibre bonnet
- LSD ** 3rd gear synchro would need doing at the same time :rolleyes:
- Whiteline rear anti roll bar
- Stoptech BBK
- Balancer shaft delete kit

The poor car is used everyday travelling to work doing a 50 mile round trip 5 days a week :(. It's now on about 61,000 miles and I plan to keep it as a toy/weekend car in the future and get a diesel for running to work.

Some piccys over the years:

More to come...... :cool:

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Car looks stunning! That's some list of mods!

Did the sound insulation made big difference?
Yes mate it does. Still need to get the roof and front floor done at some point :D

Great photos!! Looks even better in the flesh!
Cheers buddy :D

One word... Stunning! :-D Some nice alloys would set it off! ;-) (if you're going for the repaint route, I'd go for gunmetal... )
Cheers :D

I want to keep the alloys as OEM as possible but undecided on a colour :confused:

I think a set of Rages would really set the car off but I'm not sure if it will mess the ride or handling up :(
Maybe I can convince someone to lend me a set to see how I get on *nudges and winks at Spank My Car* ;)

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Looks good mate! Ditch the sound dead stuff tho, too much weight!
I really doesn't make much difference, I bought the 'lightweight' Dynamat and the whole lot I put in the car came to about 5kg. I could do with losing 5kg so problem solved ;)

I also carry nothing in the car except for the following:

- 1 CD
- Standard Honda stuff i.e. jack, tyre weld, pump, locking wheel nut etc...
- Sunglasses
- Hi-viz vest

There is literally nothing else in the car that doesn't need to be (Spank My Car can back me up on that ;) )

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There is literally nothing else in the car that doesn't need to be (Spank My Car can back me up on that ;) )
Defo agree!

My car on the other hand has 15kg of sound proofing and a boot constantly filled with items from my life! Parsco, Tom and Lisa...and anyone who has seen me at a south mimms show can back me up on that :-D :-D

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Stunning looking car mate, and thats a serious list of modifications. Well done matey
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Maybe I'll make up for it and get a pair of Mugen Fenders. I believe they are made out of fiberglass instead of metal, that's got to be a 5kg weight saving ;)
Lol true but then the Wing is heavier than oem! Lol

Back seats out, race header, single exit exhaust, new bucket seats, new rims etc are the main ones ;)

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Car looks stunning mate![smilie=superkewl.g:

Feel your pain on the 50 mile round trip to work, pain in the hole.

[QUOTE="DPG87, post: 1318264, member: 19362"] I'm a bit anal with the weight shedding on mines :p[/quote]

Don't get Dave started on his power to weight ratios.:p
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