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Hi there,

Hoping for some advice.

I have a Honda Civic 2013 Ex 5 door hatchback.

I was in a car accident recently on the passenger side rear door. But everything was seemingly repaired after a few weeks.

No one has sat in the rear passenger seats yet. So never noticed anything once my car was returned from the repairer.

I have just noticed now after flattening the rear seat from the top lever. And pulling it back in place that the bottom part of the seat stays up. And doesnt push down and clip into the bottom clip.

Compared to the driver side rear seat it doesnt work the same. This side you can lift the bottom seat up and drop it easily down. Whereas the passenger rear just doesnt push down.

Could the accident have dilodged something. When looking behind the rear passenger seat i can see a black spring not connected. But no idea where it goes or if its a red herring and nothing to do with the seat folding down.

When the seat is folded down and then pulled up it looks like the bott seat is in place and about to be locked in. But as soon as the seat is pulled up fully and clicks in the bottom part of the seat pulls out and out of place.

Any ideas of what it could be.

Pics attached
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I assume that the 9G has the same magic seats as the 8G so;
have you checked the socket in the floor where the leg locks in?

compare it to the other side that works properly as it could be that the spring clip that holds the leg is damaged and won't let it seat fully into the socket.
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