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My passenger window has stopped responding to inputs from the drivers door switch. If i use the passenger door switch it will move but i have to told it i wont one click fully open or close. Does any one have any ideas what could have caused this.

I got the car back on Friday from having the whole left hand side of the car resprayed but don't know if it was broken before this but i suspect it worked.

Any idea if they would have messed with the windows when spraying it?



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I had exactly the same problem as Ellwood with mine and this fixed it this way.
Honda garage in Hereford had looked at it for 3/4 hour last week, taken the door panel off and said they needed it for a day to sort it out.
I bought it with 3 months warranty two weeks ago so have saved them some money!
As the wiper motor is now not parking, I rang them to let them know that I'd fixed the window problem but have this new one, I have read that thread too, they have agreed to replace the wiper motor. He didn't sound surprised.
Great forum guys!
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