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Hello All - pretty new here so we don't have any reviews on here for you all to see.
90% of our sales/reviews are based on our Facebook page (Max Torque Clutches)

Head over to our page and have a check out of our history/reviews etc.
We are a long standing company that are now focusing on the civic scene.

I have brought a recent review from our Facebook page for you to see the level of service we provide to our customers

I had a clutch off them few weeks ago. Messaged them before buying as was recommended them by a friend of mine who's bought a few kits off them himself and he runs a big power Leon TDI.

So contacted them through messenger I'm a Sunday and they still replied to me. Bought my clutch through PayPal off them on the Sunday and I had mine at the door on Wednesday and had it fitted the next day.

Currently still wearing the clutch in its first 500 miles but can tell it's definitely what I needed to hold the power/torque I'm running and will easily be capable of handling more when I go for it soon.

I've even recently had a message from them asking how I'm finding the kit and if I'm happy with it. So great customer service before, during and after purchasing. Top quality Company ?? 5*****

Our aim is always to deliver an exceptional service to all customers!

Head over to our vendor section of the forum to see our current deal!
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