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I just purchased a 2007 2.2 diesel Civic yesterday.
It drives fine, cant complain i loved it.
The next day i got into it to drive to work then an info message popped up on screen saying "PGM-FI", does anyone know what this means?

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quite often this will go out after a few runs/restarts
if it keeps coming on regular interval get it looked at
sometimes over reving can trigger it
I had my 8g 2.2 9 years and it came on a few times over the years but never had any issues and it always went out after a few restarts
can be anything from slight stick of egr valve to a boost or fuel issue
there is threads about it from years ago

as the car didn't go into limp mode and just drove as normal id tend to think it will clear

im sure theres even a section in the handbook about it
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