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My favourite photo of mine so far. Still getting to grips with the DSLR though


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Can I suggest an update to this thread (and perhaps a new one, if there's enough interest). I saw it on a bike forum I'm on and it works well. Rules are as follows:

Take a picture of your car with the object or place named by the previous winner, and then set the next challenge like the following.

Next challenge will be your car at a Civic meet.


1. Has to be YOUR car.
2. Picture has to be taken after challenge is made. Challenge must be met by a single picture. You can post more pictures to make something clearer.
3. Challenge is good for one week. If nobody gets it by then, please select a different challenge.
4. Challenges must be legal and Safe For Work.
5. If you comment rather than post an entry, then please repeat the current challenge at the end of your comment, especially if you start a new page.
6. No repeat challenges within this thread. You can repeat challenges from previous rounds.
7. Only one person can win each challenge and set the next one. Challenge setter to resolve any disputes, or failing that, three consecutive Thumbs Ups from other members wins it.
8. Challenges cannot be won by the person setting the challenge.
9. If you want to show a late entry after a challenge has been won, then please only post a link to the picture. Do not actually show your image directly as it's confusing.
10. Round ends after ? number of images/challenges?

Winner of the round copies this post and creates the next round challenge thread. The second post in the new thread states the first challenge for the new round.

Participants should reward challenge winning photos with Likes.

The goal is to encourage people to get out an about, so please make challenges clear and achievable by most members.
Challenges that require other people or props or that can be satisfied by taking a picture of your bike in the driveway or garage are generally frowned upon.
Dangerous or practically impossible challenges should not be set.

This is just for fun, no prizes. Someone more forum savvy may be able to set up a poll for voting who wins the round (has the most likes?)
1041 - 1056 of 1056 Posts