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looks like my FN2 front top mounts bearings are gone so I'd like to replace them. The question is if it is possible just to replace top hats with some pillowball top mounts without any dajustments to springs seats (I want to be able to adjust camber on stock suspension, I already have eibach camber bolts but it is not enough :)?
I know that Toda Fightex pillowballs should work, but they are too expensive. I saw some D2 pillowball rubber upper mounts that should fit stock FN2 spring seats: http://www.d2racingsport.com

but I dont know if it is possible to buy just the upper mounts..

Any other options?

I'm on stock shocks with eibach -30 springs and I dont want to change it to coilovers yet (maybe in 1-2 years).

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