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Well I bought the pioneer F60 head unit 5 months ago for about £640.
The head unit GPS chip failed on the board and popped up with a error:

Theres a link about it here: AppRadioWorld: GPS Issue Reported In A Few Pioneer NEX Head Units

Amazon sent me a replacement even though I didn't have to send the faulty one back, so great service from them !

However I noticed a glitch or a fault in the new head unit. After I got a warning saying you are going over the speed limit. lol. Then the volume got stuck at 8. I tried resetting the head unit etc and still the volume would not go down or up. So I put a CD in the unit and thought maybe it might work, so the volume started working again

Not to mention none of the apps still support IOS 8. So if you do decide to get a pioneer, than I would think twice about getting the F60 model
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