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Hi everyone im new here..
My girlfriend has a 2.2cdti es and the trouble seems to have started when she "half" started the car about 2 weeks ago. Please note this may be a coincedence??
Problem is PGMFI light came on and a surging/misfire and a thudding in the engine bay and fueltank. Cleared it with the on/off 3 times technic.
All was fine and ran like a dream through the day untill left over night when the PGM comes on again. Cleared it again and is now happening more frequently untill it would not clear. We called the AA and very nice man came out and diagnosed a Code 1066 and 1066+ Fuel Hi/Low pressure.
So i changed fuel filter which was very mucky and went has far as going into the fueltank and cleaned the mesh screen over the lift pipe which was also very mucky.
Im now thinking horrible thoughts :(
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