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Ok guys here's the crack.

We bought a 2004 civic 1.7 CDTI in January from Evans Halshaw (don't even get me started!) for my fiancee to commute in. I hadn't driven the car much until recently but realised straight away it doesn't feel right. Firstly, although I appreciate this isn't a particularly nippy car, its really really slow off the line, having the longest turbo lag ever unless you keep the revs really high. Then, even when going, it seems really sluggish to get up to speed. On the motorway its great; smooth with good power say 50-70.

The other more noticeable problem is the sound of engine. It booms under acceleration sounding like it has an induction kit. I've had the exhaust checked out and there are no holes etc and the back box is fine too. The noise is mostly only under acceleration and sounds to me to be coming from the engine rather than exhaust anyway.

I had put this all down to the car just being sluggish but when I just checked the performance figures for it I quickly realised its not that slow a car. Its not fast but, for example, it shouldn't be beaten by an 'm' reg astra 1.4 petrol to 50mph (not that I was racing of course - I was trying to change lanes!)

So....any ideas!? Im concerned it could be the turbo but seems strange that its ok once at speed.

Thanks in advance

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