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Powerslot front disks??

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Guys been looking into getting these.

I know ABP do them but came across these also:

Powerslot Slotted Brake Discs - Front Pair - FUNKY POWER

It doesnt say the size of them but there £150 cheaper than anywhere else!!

Are they the same as the 348mm ABP ones, if not whats the difference?


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those are the same as oem size 300mm

Not the oversize kit @348mm
Nah mate those are oem size discs just that they're grooved! Should make a good difference with lines nd pads tho :)

If you want I can give you my mates number, Andy at Automek in East Kilbride, he's the Honda God lol, good guy and he'd fit all ofthe above and can probably be you those discs cheaper from Zak or Faz at FunkyPower
those are the same as oem size 300mm

Not the oversize kit @348mm
Beat me to it!! :facepalm: lol
Cheers for the reply's!

Cheers matey, will wait till payday and get something sorted and I'll get back to you ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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