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Apologies for posting about a non civic but as we are all Honda lovers I thought someone might be able to help plus I’m not getting any help from the Prelude Forum

I have a 97 5th Gen 2.2 VTi sitting at home off the road (now that I have my shinny new CTR) but would like to get it back on the road.

There was a problem with the rear brake calliper sticking so I decided to have a go myself with a seal kit refurbishing it. I dismantled it and got it off the car ok but now having problems putting it back together, I have the Honda services manual but that isn’t much help.

I would like to know if anyone has a guide for refurbishing callipers, I can imagine that most Honda’s have similar break set ups and if anyone has an idea how to do it on Preludes or any other Honda I would really appreciate it.

Got £1500 - £2000 sitting at home in the car that I could spend on my new Type R!!!


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