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Hello all!

Well, I've tried researching this one, but have not really found much more than a single mention of it elsewhere.

My wife has a 2011 TI edition. She has been experiencing serious problems refuelling. Essentially, the pump clicks off as if the tank is full after only a few seconds, as if it were full. I have experienced this for myself - and even regulating the flow as slow as the pump allows makes no difference.

Needless to say we have tried a number of petrol stations, newer / older pumps etc.

I have a 2009 Type-R, and have never experienced this issue, until this morning at an older pump. In short, exactly the same problem!

We're baffled :facepalm: It's driving us nuts now, since you look absolutely bonkers to petrol station staff who stare with that 'what *are* you doing' kind of look. Additionally, we're pretty soon going to have one arm each like Stallone, since it's quite a grip strength challenge after 15 minutes...

Has anyone else encountered this?

Thanks in advance.
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