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Hey gang. Need some advice basically I did a standard key to a flip key conversion but because I had to remove the transponder and relocate it nearer the top of the new key housing I had to extend this transponder from it's original location to the top of the new flip key I used telephone wire which was very thin it kinda pulled one of the nickle plating of the fobs motherboard connection now I have nothing to solder to so I will take my fob down to see if it can be repaired

If the electronics center can not fix this for me can I do the below.

I checked this web site Honda CIVIC REMOTE 433Mhz Valeo B00000233B & they can supply me with my own keys original fob mother board and transponder but becuase it is not programmed can I do this myself using the turn from key position 0 to the 2 position then press lock and do this four times then that trains the new fob to work with my cars electrical immobiliser.

Honda wanted £110 + vat for the new CIVIC REMOTE key Valeo B00000233B + an additional £45 to program it so is this something which I can do myself or does it need to be programmed by honda via use of a computer, I have a locksmith who states he could have a go for £35 but can not guarantee this will work or will they just use the lock from position 0 to position 2 then press lock and then redo this same procedure 4 times to learn the new command to the new remote.

Thanks in advance to whoever answers or knows how to go about this.

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