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I'm pleased to be able to offer 'Civinfo.com' vinyl stickers...they are not identical to the originals, but I feel they match very well, and will certainly look good on your Civic, and let others know you're a member of this great forum :)

Original v new artwork:

These are made from single colour, cnc cut vinyl (these are not printed), meaning the letters are separate, with no overlay or clear surround. They are supplied with a clear application tape, which makes them a lot easier to position in the correct spot.
I would suggest cleaning the area before fitting, ensuring no residue is left, then remove the backing, apply the sticker, rub firmly with a cloth to give good adhesion, then carefully remove the application tape by pulling it back at 180 degrees.

The standard size is 187mm long and 11mm high (approx) but I can offer custom sizes on request, which will be priced accordingly.

The standard colours available are: Silver, Black, White, Gold, Dark Red, Cherry Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, Burgundy, Racing Green, Bright Green, Apple Green, Brilliant Blue, Azure Blue, and Bright Yellow.

The vinyl is exterior grade gloss, and although I can't offer any guarantees on the life span, I've personally had some on show cars for several years, with no degradation.
I do try to hold as much stock as possible, but sometimes there may be a delay if I run out of a particular colour. I will advise the stock status of the requested colour prior to taking any payment.

There are two options:

Standard (for exterior fitting)
Reversed (for placement inside the glass)

The price for the standard sized sticker, in either option and any colour:

£2.50, plus £1 for postage to the UK.

Orders outside the UK will incur additional postage fees, agreed prior to payment.

Post here with your colour/option request, and I'll send you a PM with payment details, and advise on stock situation etc. Payment is made by paypal, all fees are covered by myself.

New members can't send PMs (2 weeks + 20 posts required) - so after posting on here, please click on my username and send me an email, I will reply with all the details.

Admin Note: Please supply your current mailing details in the PM as the previous supplier found PayPal addresses to often be out of date.

Sample Pictures:


The inside sticker is not of the removable type, it's adhesive

Postage to Europe is approximately £1 extra but will be confirmed during PM



Silver exterior offset over Gold reversed:

Note: If your request post is still in this thread then either:

I haven't read it yet (don't panic, especially on weekdays when I rarely go on the forum)
Payment is pending (means I've messaged you but not received the paypal notification)
Postage is pending (usually posted within a day of receiving payment, but please allow a few days)
Sticker en route (I'll always update with a posted date)
No arrival confirmation (please let me know once you've got your stickers, it keeps the thread tidy)

Your post will be edited to show the latest status. While I ask for a little time, please feel free to chase if you haven't had an update within the 'normal' timeframe :)

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Hi Marc

1 standard silver please.


Marc - Posted 23/04

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ordered mine day before yesterday came yesterday. wasn't expecting it been that quick ? cheers Marc.

Will upload photo when it stays dry enough for me to put it on ?

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And how many newsletters???
Anyone.. anyone... anyone...anyone..

Bueller... bueller... bueller...

Not quite sure voice of the customer was the prime focus here..
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