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The radio in my wife's 58 plate 1.8 SE Civic hatch, was experiencing the all too common, poor radio reception problem, with stations losing tune. As many people have pointed out on this forum, poor earthing of the aerial, contributes to the reception problem. I have improved the reception in my wife's car, by cleaning all of the connections to the aerial amplifier (including the earth). I didn't touch the aerial cable which runs from the back to the front of the car, or the head unit itself.

The aerial amplifier is in the tailgate, on the nearside vertical edge. by the rear window. Getting to it, is a bit of a pain. The two horizontal trim pieces have to be removed first (pulling them towards you with some force, and expect some of the trim clips to stay in the tailgate, rather than coming off with the trim pieces, as they should). You can then remove the nearside vertical trim piece (again some force is required).

I don't have enough posts to include a link to any pictures of the aerial amplifier, but if you Google search for 'Honda Civic Antenna Booster 39155-SMG-E020-M1', you will find plenty.

There are 4 connections to the aerial amplifier:

- 2 wires/connectors coming out of it (which attach to the lugs on the rear screen, for the aerial)
- 1 wire/connector plugging into it (which sends the signal to the head unit)
- 1 earth wire/connector plugging into it, which connects to that little metal lug on the unit itself (like the lugs on the rear screen).

I just unplugged the lot, and cleaned all of the connectors and lugs, with WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray (available from Halfords and safe for plastics)

I gave all of the lugs a good wipe with some kitchen roll soaked in the stuff, sprayed it into all of the connectors, dried all of the connectors, then plugged and unplugged all of the connectors a few times (to make certain that there was good contact). This seems to have improved the radio reception a fair bit.

The trim pieces are a lot easier to put back, than they were to get off !
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