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Ok, threatened this for a while.

These are some photos of my car, 24 hours after a wash using Rae Chem snow foam alone.

I have no previous pictures but the car was washed previously about a week ago and had become covered in salt.

No other washing was used - ie no contact washing ie brushes, sponges etc and no other chemicals or liquids to boost the snow foam. Just pure snow foam and a jet wash rinse.

Only other comment is I put this on stronger than I normally do because of the salt deposits. About 1-2 cm in the snow foam bottle then on a relatively low water mix meaning the whole bottle of mix was used on the car in one go.

Perhaps not as clingy as some other foams but I find its cleaning power good especially with the concentration up a little.

Remember these photos were taken the day after washing and after 6 miles of further driving AFTER washing on salty roads for the 1st pic and 8 miles for the 2nd pic!!!

Excuse the photos, taken from my phone (Samsung Monty so not the highest resolution of camera) and the day was also dull.

I should say I did use wheel cleaner on the wheel but just a quick spray on the snow foam off. The rest of the car was snow foam only.
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