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On my phone so won't write an essay but I've had my FN2 for about 12 months now.

Shortly after getting it I found the handling wasn't as agile as it needed to be so I took it to ABP to get a fast road setup done with -30mm Eibachs and some spacers all round. Big improvement but still not where I'd like it to be

I've today swapped from 19" Rages and gone to the standard 18"s which I bought from a member on here, wrapped in Goodyear eagle F1s.

What can I say?

If anyone is thinking of doing the swap, do it!

19s are just too large for the Fn2 if you want to drive it moderately fast. They pickup every bump and this comes through the steering wheel which makes driving on country lanes or even normal roads challenging. Now with the FRSU, 30mm drop with 18"s and Goodyear Eagles all round, I can confidentially say the FN2 now handles very well, is extremely agile and the back end likes to play (not how my old EP3 used to but much more controllable and predictable)

Do it! Make the change.
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