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This amp was rated in FAST CAR mag as the best 4 channel amp beating

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Audison SRX4
Alpine PDX.4

Im an audiophile. I love rock music like dire straights, bryan adams and queen. I dont need big bass sound, i just need it clean. Is this the best amp I can get? Its £300, and I could go up to £500 for the right one. But why spend the extra if i can get 99% of the quality with £200 less?

Also, is it always better to get 2 amps, one for the speakers, one for the subwoofer, or get one big one for the lot?

I have a standard head unit with satnav so would be adding either jbl 3sixty.2 or alpine hxe 650 signal processor for the pre-outs.

Also does anyone have any links or mag titles to where car audio equipment has been tested and rated Vs other car audio equipment? Its difficult as there isnt any magazines or websites i could find that rate the best of the best product ie speakers, amp, sub etc...

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