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Since I bought my '56 plate Ctdi I have had a very irritating rattle, only noticeable when my wife is in the car..... because she doesn't like the radio on! I know what you were thinking!

Anyway, it seemed to be coming from the round ventilator vent on the dash; so I took the dash out and made a fifteen-minute job last over an hour because the white plastic sensor pipe for the a/c came off at the bottom not the top - and still the noise persisted.... until I found the source; driving along a line of cats-eyes at 2200 rpm it persisted long enough to find it was coming from the mph/kmh button; I then took the dash off again (learning from my initial probing I popped the white pipe off at the top....) and packed the tube that the button is in with strips of sponge 30mm long, 10mm wide and about 5mm thick, in effect wrapping round the button so it's held in the centre of the tube it passes down, instead of being allowed to flop. I also wrapped the final 10mm of the button in black tape (where it passes through the dash panel) to prevent any 'buzzing' and repeated the process on the panel dimmer switch too.

Outcome - no rattle, no stress.....

Sorry, no pictures but hope it helps other sufferers

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