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OK guys, to cut a long story short, I was sat in traffic last Wednesday (11th) only to be rear ended at relatively low speed by some idiotic taxi driver who was in a rush.

I got squeezed into the guy in front as well - the damage is relatively minor cosmetic damage, the bonnet is intact but the front bumper has popped out slightly near where it joins the wings - no cracks or splits from what I can see. Headlights looks out of place but they seem intact on their mounting points so could be just the way the grill has come loose that makes them look wrong. At the rear, the boot shuts normal but has been pushed in slightly as the wheel well cover is jammed into the trim. The boot itself has been pressed in slightly as well and you can see this on the open hatchback.

I've put some pics below to show you... not great as only on iPhone at moment. But if you look carefully at crease lines etc. you'll see where things have moved or where trim has come away etc...

I'm naturally gutted as I was looking to sell before Xmas, then decided I'd rather keep the CTR as I really enjoy everything about it! Now I went through the insurance and I currently have a Golf GTI as a courtesy car so I'm not stuck without transport, but the repairer they want to send it to (Just Car Clinic) in Swindon has yet to even contact me and all I hear is more and more horror stories about letting it go to an insurer approved repairer... especially Just Car Clinic, who by the sound of it, take weeks to get your car in and then even longer to repair it!

Couple of questions:

1) Do you think I'm able to go back to my insurer at this point and ask for me to take it to a garage of my choice for an estimate?

2) I really don't know who I could take it to other than a main dealer... I'm based in postcode OX12 nr Wantage and work in Oxford - does anyone have any recommendations at all for getting a quality job done on my pride and joy? I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance with the car for a fair and decent job - especially if it means taking it this week, getting a quote and getting a repair underway!

Life... always has a way of throwing a spanner in the works doesn't it?! :(

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