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Hi everyone,

Can anyone confirm for me if the following registration plate is road legal before I buy it, specifically the black background to the EU side badge as I can't seem to find anything online that states it is either legal or not. (obviously a fake reg number at the moment)

Thanks for your help!


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I think the Badge on the left has to be blue NOT black
They must display:
The British Standard requires that a number plate must be marked with the following information: -
  • The British Standard Number (currently BS AU 145d)
  • The name, trade mark, or other means of identification of the manufacturer or component supplier. (The company who actually make the number plate.)
  • The name and postcode of the supplying outlet. (The 'supplying outlet' is taken to mean a company whose business consists wholly or partly of selling number plates.)
  • A non-reflective border and the Euro-symbol with the national identification letters are optional additions.
  • There shall be no other markings or material contained on the number plate.

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I had the same plates on my type s.

Are they from Demon plates?

As robbo's post says you must have the name/postcode of supplier on the bottom of the plates.

I took the chance and didn't have this info on mine and had no probs.

It's up to you if you want to risk it mate.

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Id go for it mate. doubt you will get stopped by the police and if you do all they do is ask you to change them so keep your old plates handy. Its also an mot failure for having illegal plates. But ive been through two mots with plates that didnt have the trademark/postcode etc and never had any issues but as i say keep the old 100% legal plates handy.

Where are you getting these from? they look good!

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National flags and identifiers
Motorists in England, Scotland and
Wales have the option to display
the Union Flag, Cross of St George,
Cross of St Andrew (also known as
the Saltire) or Red Dragon of
Wales together with one of the
following identifiers: GREAT
BRITAIN, Great Britain, GB,
Kingdom, UK, CYMRU, Cymru,
CYM, Cym, ENGLAND, England,
ENG, Eng, SCOTLAND, Scotland,
SCO, Sco, WALES or Wales. This
must be displayed on the left hand
side of the number plate. No other
symbols or flags can be displayed
on number plates.
The flag must be positioned above
the identifier and neither must be
more than 50 millimetres wide
or on the number plate margin.
Motorists displaying national flags
and identifiers will still be required
to display the standard GB sticker
when travelling in Europe.

That is taken from direct.gov website. It says nothing about colour so I would think you would be ok but as said keep your current ones just in case
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