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I recently had the Honda serviced (a couple of weeks ago, got pretty expensive) and since then I have noticed that the counter for remaining mileage doesn't add miles (or in my case km) to the number stated. It used to start on around 580-630km and depending on the driving style added or subtracted remaining km's.

Does anybody know if a new firmware has been released, which might have changed the algorithms used for calculating the remaining mileage?

I fill the tank and it says 540km left (despite that i drove past 600km on the last tank) and it slowly just subtracts the distance driven, so I can no longer trust it when it says I have around 200km left and almost half a tank left (should be rather 350 when driving eco).

It should be mentioned that the remaining mileage doesn't subtract 1-1 according to driving distance, but rather slows down the subtraction, so that i can drive 2km and it only subtracts 1 on the counter.

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