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Good evening all,
Following my previous post on my knackered radio http://www.civinfo.com/forum/electronics/50187-freezing-weather-damaging-sat-nav-radio-screen.html
I had a 'fixed price' quote from holdcroft honda of £300 (250+ VAT) to send the system to Alpine for repair. Thinking savvy, I contacted Alpine (digtronix) directly who quoted me 113 which includes carriage back to me.
The only thing now is removing the radio. To be safe, I thought I should perhaps send them the entire system I.e. dvd system and displays etc but I am waiting for them to get back to me for what exactly they need.
My gut feeling with the actual problem a loose connection. So, what I plan to try first is to dismantle the dash as far as required and find this git! If that fails then I will be in the position of (relatively) simply disconnecting the bits I need to send on for repair.

What I ask from you all is any advice/tips/pitfalls to look out for on how to dismantle the dash and disconnect the required components?

I have the wiki articles for getting into the dash and the back of the stereo, any help with being the small aux screen (next to sat nav) out.

Can anyone give me a clue on how long it'll take me to do this? I'd earmark a whole day to be on the safe side to be honest!

Thanks in advance


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Slow down.... Wait until they tell you what to send. My guess it will be the DVD CPU unit only than needs fixing and prob is not cold related (don't forget these cars are tested in extreme conditions) Forget removing the radio at this stage, it only has the sst nav controls on the front of it. The DVD CPU unit is the glovebox and is the main part of the navigation unit.

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