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Hi folks. I'm quite new to the forum and wanted to seek advice on a minor change to my interior...I have found lots of similar threads but not one that is 100% what i'm after so please feel free to guide a newbie:D

I've purchased the Sports Gear-knob and a leather gaiter to replace the standard set-up in my 2009 1.4 S.I 5 Dr. The job itself looks simple:

1.0 Unscrew existing knob, if you pardon the pun
2.0 Unclip main panel, prising at opposite sides in 2 places.
3.0 Slide new gaiter over shaft and tuck under existing fittings
4.0 Refit panel.
5.0 Screw on new knob.

Is it really that simple guys or do i also need to remove other fixings to properly fit the gaiter.

Any help very much appreciated before i go ahead and snap/break anything
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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