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I have unfortunately crashed my 06 Civc Se into a bollard and my driver side door has horrible scratches and massive indentation, which I believed requires serious body work and repaint...

I have spoken to a few body work places, and they have quoted between £700 and £1100 to get a whole new door and fit it

The main point of this thread is to try and get an idea about the manufacturing specs of these doors, as I am not too familiar with body work on a Honda Civic at all. But I was under the impression that since the damage was on the metal panel, it would be the case that it gets replaced and not a whole door. Do Honda actually only sell whole doors, and why?

So I have located a replacement door from a breakers yard, same colour, good nick etc. However it is from 2008 and my car is '06 plate. I don't believe there were any significant modifications to the Civic in that time, but would it be ok to have this door fitted to my 06 car?
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