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It's been just under two years since I traded in my FN2 for a 3-series in 335i guise (http://www.civinfo.com/forum/non-honda-gallery/115534-another-bimmer-reenos-335i.html) and in that time after the initial honeymoon period I felt myself wanting to return to N/A, forced induction makes a great deal of sense in its flexible power delivery and economy improvements for daily driving, but the throttle response, despite how much of the turbo lag gets removed is always there and part of the engine's character and it just wasn't for me in the end.

The two options were to either mod it which I ruled out quite quickly as I wouldn't own a performance BMW without an extended warranty or to look at larger capacity N/A cars, outside the engine the E9X gen 3-series as an overall package met my driving expectations so I ultimately concluded in getting a manual E92 M3.

I've only had the car for a few days but the behaviour of the engine is strikingly similar to that of the FN2, both the top end power and the significantly shorter gear ratio's keeping you engaged in the driving experience. When you're not in a spirited mood with the manual gearbox the car is very smooth when driven at a sedate pace, unless you bury your foot into the accelerator pedal and explore beyond 6k RPM you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in a 320i. Fuel economies taken a hit from ~25 to high teens in mixed conditions but that's to be expected from a large N/A motor like this. Handling is noticeably shaper in the M compared with the standard 3-series, needless to say it inspires confidence on the public roads you wouldn't dare try to push the limits of approaching 3 figure speeds, this along with the suspension dampers and throttle responsiveness can be configured on the idrive system.

I've just registered on m3cutters with the same username so if anyone's a member on there feel free to ping me a message, i'll still be lurking aound here from time to time :)

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