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Reusing current speaker cones

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Hi all I seen this on the Internet a while back after upgrading my front speakers I had old speakers left over to try it on I've took pics after I completed and took apart so I'll best describe each stage as I can, also excuse my layout as I'm uploading via iPhone
Here we go!

I cut the old woofer out its ring and cut back all the bits of plastic that's sticking out also around the front is a 5mm ridge I cut/snapped that back so the new speaker would sit flush

You **** be able to work out from the above pic I had to cut the hole down where the fixing bolt goes this also helps the speaker sit flush

The picture shows the screws all in but next you would sit the speaker in the ring then drill the 3 holes and use the 4th hole at the top as a hole I used 3mm drill bit which was perfect for my screws
Screw it together and all **** be ok

As you can see not the best walk through I wasn't planning on doing 1 so all photos were taken after
This can be done to front and back. As the cones are the same size the speakers are a standard size to

Enjoy! :)
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Good idea, if you don't want to go the MDF or Astra ring route...

Sacrifices the old units, but then again, why would you want to keep em?
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