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Hi, I would like to ask for some advice and direction

I used my sister in laws Car to Pick up my Dad from the Airport a couple of day ago,
its a 56 Plate Civic CDTI 2.2 Manual

while driving on the Motorway, I changed from 5th to sixth gear, there was a fairly minor noise which suggested I had mis geared, I continued the Joureny to Gatwick
Parked and upon returning to the car, found that I could not get reverse gear, I tryed several times but managed the 170 journy home without any problem, or infact having to reverse.
I refered to the owners hand book which, give 2 remadies for what they call Reverse lock out,
Nothing worked so I went to the main dealer, they say that they didnt know what I was talking about, as did Honda UK
Nevertheless, they say it will cost a minimum of £1600 to strip and rebiuld the gearbox as they suspect that the Reverse Syncro May have gone

sounds like an expensive gear change
has anyone got any experiance of this

Many Thanks

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